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 RightBio Metrics is the leading provider of fluid measurement technologies to healthcare. Our technologies are based on proven best practices in clinical diagnostics and enable clinicians to increase certainty in clinical decision-making and enhance outcomes. Right metrics – instantly – in any treatment environment are critical to outcome as well as economics.


 Physician’s Referral Network is a telemedicine platform solution taking high-resolution retinal photography – initially focused on proactive treatment of diabetic patients.  The technology can be expanded to other areas of health care.  Focus is on driving innovative changes to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve care.  Our aging population will drive increase demand and opportunity for PRN to expand revenue base.


 Patient Conversation Media, Inc. (PCMi) is a diversified media company focused on the eHealth 3.0 market segment. PCMi deploys digital solutions that add value to and reduce cost related to the 5 billion patient-provider conversations each year.  PCMi offers healthcare providers digital media solutions that attract engaged consumer audiences, increase patient satisfaction, and empower care coordination. PCMi’s cloud-based platforms create, co-brand, and syndicate actionable text and video content for various networks of healthcare providers.


 The IntelliBlast® Health (Formerly “YourNurseIsOn.comTM”“) platform is the first patent-pending bi-directional communications software that simplifies a hospital’s shift fulfillment process and for clinical and support staff that significantly reduces associated costs. IntelliBlast utilizes the latest advances in technology with patented communications software to provide targeted, instant communications to a hospital’s or health system’s staff. IntelliBlast not only sends messages, but also captures real-time responses. The product can be adapted to a wide range of industries.


 Flower Orthopedics is creating new standards for Orthopedics by providing cost effective, safe and efficient ready-to-use treatment concepts.  Flower’s transformative bone fixation solutions consist of sterile packaged implants that feature a patented Locking System. Each implant is matched with revolutionary, single-use, disposable Flower Tool Kit. Flower Orthopedics real-world innovations are redefining the protocols and standards for Orthopedics. Flower Orthopedics focuses on cost savings while ensuring clinical excellence.


 PrivIT has developed patented technology for the collection, distribution and analysis of personal health information (PHI), improving the health and safety of all those involved in organized sports and activities. PrivIT provides easy to use tools to help athletes, parents, children, administrators, and other professionals collect, protect, and distribute personal health information. PrivIT’s MiSuite of products ensures confidentiality of PHI and gives the owner complete control when it comes to sharing his/her PHI data.  All products are compliant with international privacy rules including HIPAA and FERPA and are designed to help identify symptoms of health problems in their earliest stage.
 INRange has developed EMMA®, a Remote Medication Management System used to properly manage a Patient’s drug therapy in their home. EMMA® ensures that the Patient receives the proper medication dosage at the correct time, and helps prevent the common drug administration errors that are so costly to the healthcare system. The system is very simple, it requires no programming by the patient, it is remotely controlled and programmed by the pharmacist and it fits seamlessly into existing healthcare delivery practices. It is the ONLY solution that adequately addresses the need for in-home medication administration.


 Prodigo Solutions is a healthcare transformation company that improves provider financial control and reduces supply chain cost through pay for performance solutions made possible by people, process and technology. Prodigo Solutions’ savings technology has been developed by healthcare supply chain experts to deliver tangible results across a continuum of care.