Rick Ferreira
Rick FerreiraPartner
Rick is a healthcare leader, visionary and entrepreneur with a passion for reducing the cost of healthcare delivery with novel solutions that challenge the established inequities between provider, patient and supplier. Rick has successfully launched, grown and sold businesses that achieve this with novel technology, service, supply chain and product design solutions. Many in the healthcare industry have come to rely on Rick for perspectives and solutions that look beyond status quo and create real, measurable results that reduce costs while simultaneously improve the quality of care.
Tim Einwechter
Tim EinwechterPartner
Tim is an accomplished business leader and successful financial operator in a large number of healthcare related businesses. Tim’s commitment to driving aggressive business growth based on solid, strategic financial leadership makes him a financial leader and advisor who is rarely limited to the finance side of the businesses he works with. Tim insists on objective, evidence-based decision-making and uniquely combines financial acumen with business vision and a strong understanding of organizational culture and structure. This experience has made Tim being a key member of the Alliance Healthcare Partners and led him to be named the 2010 Private Company CFO of the Year in Arizona by the Financial Executives Institute.
Arthur Goodrich
Arthur GoodrichPartner
Arthur Goodrich has over 17 years experience in the healthcare industry. As VP of marketing and business development of Stryker Sustainability Solutions from January 2010 to December 2011, Arthur guided the strategic direction for the division and served in similar roles for SRS, Inc., Alliance Medical Corporation and Ascent Healthcare Solutions, all predecessor companies of Stryker Sustainability Solutions. Prior to 1994, Mr. Goodrich was a senior consultant with Schwab, Bennett & Associates, a healthcare consulting firm, in Los Angeles.
Joe Mayernik
Joe MayernikPartner
Joe has over 40 years of business experience with the last 10 years as Founder, Chairman/CEO of Healthcare Waste Solutions (“HWS”). Prior to founding HWS, Mr. Mayernik was founder and CEO of Human Resource Services – an organizational restructuring firm specializing in the healthcare and waste industry providing services such as analysis of strategic and business plans, forecasts and assessments of key executive personnel. Mr. Mayernik started his business career in 1970 with Falcon Industries, a conglomerate of diverse businesses in the manufacturing and service industries, and rose to the position of Executive Vice President.