Rick Ferreira
Rick FerreiraHealthcare Entrepreneur
Rick is a healthcare leader, visionary and entrepreneur with a passion for reducing the cost of healthcare delivery with novel solutions that challenge the established inequities between provider, patient and supplier. Rick has successfully launched, grown and sold businesses that achieve this with novel technology, service, supply chain and product design solutions. Many in the healthcare industry have come to rely on Rick for perspectives and solutions that look beyond status quo and create real, measurable results that reduce costs while simultaneously improve the quality of care.
Tim Einwechter
Tim EinwechterHealthcare Financial Leadership
Tim is an accomplished business leader and successful financial operator in a large number of healthcare related businesses. Tim’s commitment to driving aggressive business growth based on solid, strategic financial leadership makes him a financial leader and advisor who is rarely limited to the finance side of the businesses he works with. Tim insists on objective, evidence-based decision-making and uniquely combines financial acumen with business vision and a strong understanding of organizational culture and structure. This experience has made Tim being a key member of the Alliance Healthcare Partners and led him to be named the 2010 Private Company CFO of the Year in Arizona by the Financial Executives Institute.
Dave Distel
Dave DistelDirector of Supply Chain Management
Dave has over 20 years of experience in healthcare on both the provider and supplier side. He started his career as an RN then becoming a CRNA, practicing anesthesia for 7 years before transitioning to the business side of healthcare. At the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, served as the Director of Supply Chain Management, leading contracting for supplies, capital and services except pharmaceutical contracting
Under his leadership, the team saved millions in orthopedic and cardiac rhythm spent annually. Dave served as the Senior Director of Pricing Strategy and Contract Management for Stryker, and as a business development leader in and advisor to several healthcare cost containment companies. Dave is a Fellow within the American College of Healthcare Executives.
Pete Allen
Pete AllenFmr. EVP, Vizient Contracting
Pete is a dynamic, inspiring and accomplished Senior Business Executive and Corporate Officer who excels at building passionate, dedicated teams that are committed to delivering results. H possesses comprehensive domestic and global expertise in P&L management, business development, sales, marketing, distribution management, regulatory affairs, political lobbying, group purchasing, research and development, and manufacturing. Pete has demonstrated experience in M&A integration and new business launches. He leverages excellent communication skills to develop/lead top-performing teams, negotiate major contracts, and collaborate with external business partners.
Lars Thording
Lars ThordingHealthcare Thought Leader
Lars is a corporate communications executive with 30 years experience in branding, marketing, communication and public affairs from academia, consulting and executive leadership. Lars’ strength is turning organizations towards a value-driven, strategic marketing perspective and has worked with and for a multitude of healthcare cost containment companies. He publishes his visions for transition to a more value-focused healthcare system in several healthcare journals and advises healthcare and technology companies on branding, strategic marketing, public affairs, and sales management. Lars has a PhD in marketing.
Rafal Chudzik
Rafal ChudzikR&D, Regulatory and Operations Expert
Rafal is an R&D and Operations leader who has pioneered a multitude of novel product designs, manufacturing methodologies and regulatory pathways. His accomplishments include proven R&D product development results in the cardiovascular, peripheral vascular, orthopedic and general surgery markets. He is skilled in bridging the gap between concept to commercialization. He brings extensive experience with Fortune 100 and private equity medical device companies. Rafal holds a BSE in Biomedical Engineering from Arizona State University and is named on numerous issued US and International patents.